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Episode 196: Chihana

Air date: 12.13.2017


Chihana acquired her affinity for traditional blues and rock music from her parents’ music collection - which would be pretty orthodox if it weren’t for the fact that she grew up in Japan. She’s a rare bird to be sure, but her fans don’t listen to her solely because of the curiosity factor of being a young Japanese woman playing a traditionally western style of music - it’s because she’s good at doing so. To listen to her music, there are times when it isn’t immediately apparent if she is singing in English or Japanese, which is a testament to both the ability of music to transcend cultural barriers as well as Chihana’s obvious and considerable talent. Chihana’s next goal is to conquer the American music scene, which, given that she is devoted enough to regularly tour her homeland of Japan by public transportation, should provide a suitable challenge for this unique artist.

Download "Ship Of Sin"
"Guitar Girl"
"Like It Was A Dream"
"The Dark End Of The Street"
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