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Episode 195: Jason Scott

Air date: 11.29.2017

Jason Scott

Jason Scott is a songwriter who has built his growing career in music into a cottage industry, with a full schedule and an entire network of musicians based in his native Oklahoma and surrounding states. Some of the gigs are wedding gigs, sure, but don’t let that fool you. Scott is no Murph and the Magictones. He’s a very talented young artist with a perfectly-tuned ear for narrative detail. It’s the sort of fertile territory currently being mined by rising Americana star Jason Isbell - and the comparison is apt. Both writers are staunchly devoted to hewing closely to honesty at all costs; and both have a preternatural knack for telling a big story with the smallest of moments. Scott has figured out a unique business model that allows him to help finance his original songwriting with wedding gigs, and his ever-expanding tours are a proof of concept that there is a market for artists to do weddings that are far more artistically gratifying than yet another DJ spinning “The Hokey Pokey” for the billionth time. Scott even offers a service where he will write and record an original song for a bride and groom, which he then produces in his own studio. It’s an innovative approach, and one that could help a lot more musicians avoid the drudgery of a soul-sucking day job. Scott’s new EP, Living Rooms, serves as an introduction to a very talented new artist and is as a cautionary tale to any musician to leave no stone unturned when it comes to innovative ways of making a living in music.

Download "She Good To Me"
"The Cleveland County Line"
"Living Rooms"
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