Episode 10: Rick Shea

Air date: 5.18.2011

Rick Shea

Rick Shea is a journeyman guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, writer and singer who wields his Telecastser with a deft touch reminiscent of Mark Knopfler and the best of Bakersfield twangers. He grew up in San Bernardino, California, back when the town was an outpost at the very farthest reaches of Los Angeles’ empire. San Bernardino in 1978 was still home to honky-tonks and truck stops where country music found fertile ground. He cut his teeth playing folk music in coffeehouses and soon found work in the country music scene, sometimes playing 7 nights a week. Aside from his work with alt-country pioneer Dave Alvin and R.E.M., Shea has recorded several albums of his own songs and still actively plays around the southwest and beyond with his band, The Losin’ End. His newest record, “Shelter Valley Blues,” includes performances from members of Los Lobos.

Download "Ty Robbie"
"Que Mas Quieres"
"Walking To Jerusalem"