Episode 101: Tim Easton

Air date: 2.12.2014

Tim Easton Photo by Tyler McCay

Although New York and Los Angeles are the twin capitals of the music industry, the center of the Western music universe shifts from time to time as one style or another catches the public’s fancy. Places like Chicago, Seattle, Austin, Minneapolis, Athens, Georgia and other towns have all had their turn as the hottest place to be if you wanted to be part of the newest scene.  But nestled in the red dirt and pines along the Cumberland River, Nashville, Tennessee has always been the holy ghost of the music industry trinity – especially for songwriters and country music.  Home to the Grand Ole Opry, The Ryman Auditorium, and countless recording studios, publishing houses and record labels, Nashville has truly earned the moniker, “Music City, U.S.A.,” and it has been especially hot in recent years.  Along with the country music establishment, increasing numbers of non-country artists like Jack White, Kings of Leon, The Black Keys and scores of underground artists call Nashville home, and the hit ABC series, Nashville, has only added fuel to the fire.  Nashville’s temperate climate and affordable livability add to the draw for artists tired of the rat race on the coasts.  After getting a start in Ohio, living an international troubadour’s life and spending years in Joshua Tree, California, songwriter Tim Easton relocated to Nashville in recent years.  Stylistically, it was a logical move; Easton has always had a bluesy twang to his top-notch songs and deft guitar playing.  He already had a successful career going before he arrived, with at least nine records in his discography, when Nashville got into his blood and he released the 50s rock/Sun Studios-inspired Not Cool in 2013.  His new hometown suits him well, and with results like this maybe more artists should consider a new home in the 615 area code.   

Download "Galatin Pipe Blues"
"Don't Lie"
"On My Way"
"Same Old Song and Dance"
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