Episode 106: Anny Celsi

Air date: 3.26.2014

Anny Celsi

Geography can be a strange thing for a musician.  Artists sometimes play the same hometown venues repeatedly trying to build a following but draw far bigger crowds in faraway towns when they’re on the road.  And some artists find that American audiences simply may not get them at all.  In 2006, Paste magazine included Singer/songwriter Josh Ritter in its list of “100 Greatest Living Songwriters,” but not long before Ritter had lived in several states and played numerous open mic nights in relative obscurity until a short tour in Ireland found him selling out of his records and his shows.  With a growing, loyal fanbase overseas, Ritter was then able to parlay that into bigger success in America.  Songwriter Anny Celsi lives in Los Angeles, but, like Ritter, her frequent trips to Europe have earned her a strong international fan base.  Sure, she still plays here in the States, but she has built up a solid network of fans, musicians and promoters halfway around the globe that brings her four albums worth of incisive and catchy songs to a much wider audience.  And the miles and hard work have paid off - over four albums, Celsi has been compared to Aimee Mann, Lucinda Williams, Suzanne Vega and others, she has played festivals like SXSW and International Pop Overthrow and been nominated for an L.A. Weekly Music Award.  Her most recent album, January, was released in 2013 and it is full of the kind of observant songs her fans have come to expect.  And she already has her tickets to Europe.

Download "The Night She Learned to Drive"
"Oh Baby, Is The Circus Back In Town?"
"I Used To Love California"
"Kaleidoscope Heart"
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