Episode 109: FinleyKnight

Air date: 4.23.2014


Whoever said that nice guys finish last had obviously never been to the American Midwest.  Plenty of heartland dwellers accomplish amazing things in the world without being jerks, and the Chicago-based duo, FinleyKnight, exemplifies the idea that affability can produce great music.  FinleyKnight is comprised of two brothers, John and Connor Detjen, who create their music with a fearless approach that incorporates any and all technological accouterments.  There are drums and guitars aplenty, but they share the expansive sonic space of FinleyKnight with loops, drum machines, synthesizers and anything else that the composers can get their hands on.  The result informs the listener that these guys grew up in a mashup world in which they are natives to the types of modern technology used to make music in entirely new ways.  Working with producer/drummer Joey Waronker on their eponymous full-length debut album brought a new focus on rhythm to FinleyKnight’s sound, so thumping, ticking beats keep the soundscapes from getting bogged down in dreamy synth-land.  The FinleyKnight album will be available everywhere on May 6th, 2014, and it is a triumph in the realm of nice guys making good – and making good music.     

Download "Caving In"
"I Tried"
"Cities By David Byrne"
"Far From View"
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