Episode 110: The Far West

Air date: 4.30.2014

The Far West

Music allows us to time travel.  Put on a song that we loved in high school and we are right there, dancing nervously and closely in the gym or cruising out of the parking lot at 2:50pm with the stereo blaring.  And some music takes you to a specific place even if you were never there.  The Far West plays music that would sound right coming out of a Chevy’s AM radio in Joshua Tree, California in 1972.  Singer Lee Briante’s John Prine-worthy, croaky baritone is out front, but all five members of The Far West play like they’re making music at the same time, which seems like a rare commodity in the new millenium.  They have an affinity for recording their music live in non-traditional spaces… a garage, a VFW hall… and that practice delivers an authenticity that transfers from their live shows to their albums and back again.  They have the classic lineup of two guitars, bass, drums and keyboards, and this instrumentation serves them - and their music - well.  Close your eyes and spin their new album, Any Day Now, and you’ll soon find your mind wandering and riding the backroads of American roots music, sitting broken-hearted on a wheel well in the bed of a rusty pickup truck.  There aren’t a lot of surprises here, but sometimes it’s nice to know where you’re going.  Just relax, feel the wind in your hair and enjoy the ride.

Download "On The Road"
"Hudson Valley"
"Walk Light On This Poor Heart Of Mine"
"Words From A Letter"
"I'm So Lonely I Could Cry"
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