Episode 112: Rich McCulley

Air date: 5.21.2014

Rich McCulley

Rich McCulley’s approach to life might well be called “the Tao of Rock.”  After spending his formative years playing in bands and touring out of California’s agricultural San Joaquin Valley, McCulley fell into working at a recording studio in Fresno.  When he outgrew that gig, he relocated to Los Angeles and started his own recording studio, Red Hill Recording.  Fast forward to 2014 and he’s a successful songwriter, engineer, guitarist and producer with several albums under his belt and his commitment to not forcing things is as strong and easygoing as ever.  It has worked out well for him.  His songs are well-crafted and his studio and stage calendar is as busy as he wants it to be.  His rolodex is full of some of Los Angeles’ top musicians, and when he calls, they pick up the phone.  Songs he wrote or co-wrote have been heard in TV shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Cold Case” and in movies like “Little Birds” and “Donner Pass.”  There are hundreds of gigs on his resume, but these days he spends more of his days closer to home to have some much deserved time with his growing family.  It’s an enviable position to find oneself, but McCulley doesn’t let it go to his head.  He just keeps making great music.

Download "Don't Know What To Do"
"Coldwater Rain"
"The Gift"
"Just Begun To Run"
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