Episode 117: Jaime Wyatt

Air date: 8.20.2014

Jaime Wyatt

Jaime Wyatt is what you might imagine Otis Redding would sound like if he had been a young, attractive and talented female singer/songwriter.  Her soulful voice leans on the same blue notes and husky timbre that gave Redding his distinctive and instantly recognizable style. Wyatt’s timeless white woman blues also draws heavily from harder-rocking influences – she could just as easily slide into the arena rock shoes of original AC/DC front man Bon Scott - and fill them amply.  But there is a bit of red dirt twang mixed into her songs as well, and this rust-colored rural influence lands Wyatt squarely in the Lucinda Williams and Emmylou Harris camp, and she can handle that yoke, too. It is hard to write a fresh blues-rock song this late in the game, but give a spin to her music and it will soon be evident that Wyatt knows her way around a song as well as around a bluesy melody.  And if that’s not enough, Wyatt is also a solid guitar player. Not a know-enough-chords-to-get-through-a-song-or-two guitar player, but a genuine, bona fide instrumentalist who will prop up a cowboy boot on a stage monitor and rip off a screaming solo right along side the boys in the band. Her new album, This is Jaime Wyatt, is due out in the fall of 2014 and you’ll be able to find her on stages across the country, promoting it with raucous live shows that will leave no doubt that rock and roll is very much alive as long as Jaime Wyatt has a guitar in her hands. 

Download "From Outer Space"
"Heavy Metal Love"
"Marijuana Man"
"Return of the Grievous Angel"
"Even You"
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