Episode 12: Correatown

Air date: 6.1.2011

Correatown is the brainchild of singer and writer Angela Correa. The band is an anomaly in the fertile scene centered in Los Angleles’ east side and Echo Park area. Rather than flirting with the traditional twangy folk and indie rock of the local bands, Correatown molds its complex sound out of washy guitars, pop-y synths and ethereal harmonies. The amalgam is catchy, creative and just a bit haunting. The band’s brand new EP, “Etch the Line” is being released today – both digitally and on vinyl at select Independent record stores.
Download "Valparaiso"
"Everything All At Once"
"The Point"
Download www.okcorreatown.comwww.myspace.com/correatown
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