Episode 120: Jeff Crosby

Air date: 9.17.2014

Jeff Crosby

There are a million people out there with a guitar and a voice making music, but Jeff Crosby is a diamond in the rough.  After spending his formative years in Idaho, Crosby set out to establish himself as a professional musician the honest way, by playing his music in front of fans on the road… anywhere that would take him.  By 2014, a decade of sacrifice and commitment to a strong work ethic is beginning to pay off.  Two songs from his debut EP, Silent Conversations, recently found their way into episodes of the FX network’s gritty series, Sons of Anarchy, and in short order Crosby noticed that more and more people were showing up at gigs - even in far off places like rural Canada.  With the kind of visibility a hit show provides, Crosby’s natural talent and well-worn songs are earning him even more fans.  But it’s Crosby’s voice that is his not-so-secret weapon.  His singing style is confident and familiar, and it perfectly suits his songs of traveling and longing.  Most interestingly, when listening to Jeff Crosby perform, one gets the impression that he can sing a lot more notes than he does, and it’s this maturity that draws earned comparisons to the upper echelon of 70s rock and country bands.  Crosby and his band, The Refugees, have a brand-new full-length record called All Nighter, and he’s sure to be playing a show near you before long - wherever you may live.  So, get this record and check out a Jeff Crosby show as soon as you can - they are more than worth it. 

Download "Silent Conversations"
"Family, How You Been?"
"Love and Hate Relationship"
"This Rose"
"City of Roses, Tress and Angels"
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