Episode 124: Christian Gregory

Air date: 11.19.2014

Christian Gregory

Christian Gregory’s blue-eyed soul comes by way of his home, which is immersed in Britain's rich musical heritage.  He’s certainly not the first resident of the U.K. to slip a little Motown and Memphis into his sound - Van Morrison practically invented the genre long before Gregory was born and rock bands have been getting funky since they learned to count to four - but Gregory’s syncopated rhythms are drawn from the funkier side of soul, and like so many young artists in the new paradigm, his music displays his keen ability to look back while pushing forward. And steering clear of the over processed, over auto-tuned and overproduced style that is currently en vogue in the R&B world serves him well.  Once you strip away the trappings of modern pop, what remains is the same stuff that makes old school funk, soul and rhythm and blues music classic and timeless.  Snake-y grooves, funky comping and bedroom-falsetto crooning provide the perfect balance of style and substance that is essential for music in which The Groove is king.  Gregory has a new E.P. called Count On You and he’s making significant international inroads by playing gigs across the United States in addition to back in his home in England.

Download "Everything You Love You Lose"
"Nothing Matters"
"Give a Little Back"
"Won't Get Nowhere"
Download www.christiangregory.co.uk
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