Episode 125: Funkyjenn

Air date: 12.3.2014

Funkyjenn Photo by Nicole Dintaman

Anyone who has said that girls can’t rock has never heard Funkyjenn sing. This Los Angeles-based chanteuse doesn’t ‘rock’ in the sexually objectified Lita Ford kind of way, but in the storied tradition of women like Janis Joplin and Aretha Franklin who had enough power to not merely hang with the boys in the band - but to lead them with a commanding presence at center stage. Funkyjenn has the soul, the chops and the personality to front a group of top notch players, and although she is a thoroughly modern woman there is a kind of raw sexuality to what she’s doing - and it’s the same rhythmic bump and grind that inspired the progenitors of rock and blues music. But aside from her powerful voice, it’s her collaborative nature that sets her apart from the legions of chick singers leaning hard on the blue notes. Funkyjenn knows that filling up her band with the best players available is a pillar of success in music, and she involves those players every step of the way - from the writing of songs to the hours hammering them out in the studio, and finally onstage, where an audience can innately feel it when a band is hot and tight. She has a brand-new Christmas album called Sing to the Angels that will truly bring some rock around your Christmas tree this holiday season.

Download "Boom Boom"
"Strings That Bend"
"Nashville, TN"
"The Mighty Star"