Episode 127: Jason Charles Miller

Air date: 1.28.2015

Jason Charles Miller Photo by Martin Hausler

Jason Charles Miller began his career as the singer of a successful hard rock band called Godhead. Just how successful? Godhead has sold over 250,000 records to date - a very healthy sum for an age in which young people just don’t buy music anymore. Godhead was the first band signed to Marilyn Manson’s label, Posthuman Records; they released several albums, headlined their own tours and shared bills with Manson, Linkin Park, GWAR, Disturbed and others, and Miller reveled in the life of a front man in a rock band.  And then things changed when he tested positive for the “C” word - country. There had always been a lot more to Miller than tattoos, attitude and powerful vocals; he had long been a dedicated student of the art of songcraft, and few genres of music celebrate the skill of the pure songwriter like country music. Nashville’s Music Row turns out a steady stream of new songs in seemingly perpetual motion, and Miller found that his unique skill set lent itself perfectly to this work ethic. Along the way Miller also learned to diversify, parlaying his successes in music into additional work as an in-demand voice over artist with over 60 credits to his name, with dozens more appearances in video games and live action productions. Unsurprisingly, Miller is a very busy man, and he holds dual citizenship in Nashville and in Los Angeles, where he owns and manages his own recording facility, Central Command Studios.

Download "You Get What You Pay For"
"As Good Love Goes"
"Here To Kill The Pain"
"Natural Born Killer"
"The River"
"Damn Love"
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