Episode 13: Patrolled By Radar

Air date: 6.8.2011

Patrolled By Radar

Singer-songwriter Jay Souza and his quartet are journeymen on the LA music scene. They play a confident and catchy amalgam of folk, rock, country, blues and soul that is cohesive enough to make people think that it's really just one style - rock and roll. Their core sound flirts with both rock and country without making the other feel jealous. They tour nationally; have released several albums over their storied career and played over 1000 live shows… and counting. Souza and his band dropped by the ID studios to play tracks from there brand new album, Be Happy, just released on Knitting Factory Records.

Download "Haywire"
"Fast Life Slow Death"
"New Fight Song"
"Coat Of Disappointment"
"Down To The River"
"Widow Next Door"