Episode 145: Nicky Corbett

Air date: 10.7.2015

Nicky Corbett

Some people just have a voice - a natural talent that is evident as soon as they open their mouth to sing a phrase. It is a very intimate thing - after all, the human voice is the only instrument that every person carries around with them everywhere they go. Whether they’re any good at it or not, everyone can sing in the shower. Some of that distinctive sound of a person’s voice is natural talent, but the best vocalists make it look easy even though they may have spent countless hours learning the craft of singing. Nicky Corbett is that kind of singer. She was blessed with a naturally pleasing voice and she learned how to use it at a young age in her native Canada. Early in her career she found herself signed to a development deal, and long after relocating to Los Angeles she continues to work with some of the best musicians in the business.

Download "Fcked Up Thing (LANGUAGE WARNING)"
"The Way It Makes Me Feel"
"No Cure"
"To Lose a Girl"
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