Episode 149: Angela Easterling

Air date: 12.2.2015

Angela Easterling Photo by Stacie Huckeba

Angela Easterling currently lives on a South Carolina farm that has been in her family since 1791. In a nation of transplants and immigrants that’s nearly an eternity, and this grounding connection with the land permeates her music with a sense of the realities of the beauty, joy, tragedy and drudgery of what makes up a life. Easterling didn’t always make the family farm her home - she was brave and crazy enough to move to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams in music, but the parable of finding that what one is looking can be under one’s feet is certainly applicable to her career. Easterling knows the value of hard work, and over the course of several albums her songs have earned her accolades in songwriting circles as well as topped the Americana Top 40 chart. Though her most recent album, Common Law Wife, was recorded in Nashville, her new batch of songs finds Easterling singing about the life she has created on that farm in South Carolina with her partner, facile guitarist Brandon Turner, and their growing family. Sometimes, your dreams don’t turn out the way you planned; sometimes, they turn out better.  

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"The Mountain"
"Blacktop Road"
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