Episode 158: El Twanguero

Air date: 4.20.2016

El Twanguero

El Twanguero’s blend of American western swing, gypsy jazz and the folk music of his native Spain is a simmering musical tour de force that he serves up hot. You don’t take up the stage name El Twanguero if you can’t play the guitar, and play he does. Tempos are ramped up, fingers race up and down the guitar neck and countless hours of practice are evident when he performs. El Twanguero’s effortless and blistering performance style is a testament to what happens when innate talent is polished and focused by diligent hard work, and his discipline has paid off in spades. He has recorded five albums and toured internationally - including Europe, and both the North and South American continents. He has earned two Latin Grammy awards and an impressive list of accolades that laud his pioneering work in his own brand of Latin twang. El Twanguero exemplifies what might be a virtuoso's most important accomplishment - making it look easy. But El Twanguero is a professional at the top of his game. Don’t try this at home.

Download "Minor Rag"
"Spanish Rag"
"Guitarra Dimelo Tu"
"Naranjo En Flor"
"Blue Smoke"
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