Episode 159: Michael Chinworth

Air date: 5.4.2016

Michael Chinworth

Michael Chinworth spent his formative years in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and rural Indiana before landing at Bennington College in Vermont to study music composition. After graduation, he was looking for a bigger pond with more opportunities and he decided to send himself packing to New York City. But after five years grinding it out in bands in Brooklyn and beyond, an opportunity presented itself in Vermont and Chinworth found himself back in the Green Mountain State a wiser young man. With his new album, Rudder Songs, Chinworth showcases his considerable skills as a vocalist and exhibits his angular chops on the  piano while interpreting ten Ben Folds-meets-Steely Dan songs composed by his prolific friend, Trevor Wilson, along with an original composition of his own. While many artists would be content to take a lightweight digital keyboard on tour, Chinworth recently crossed the country playing a series of dates while remaining dutifully devoted to carrying a cumbersome Rhodes piano to every gig. And it’s this kind of real-deal commitment that shows through in Michael Chinworth’s music.

Download "What's All This Smoke?"
"Are We Okay?"
"City Burns"
Download www.subtlesouprecords.com/michael-chinworth
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