Episode 162: Fairbanks and the Lonesome Light

Air date: 6.15.2016

Fairbanks and the Lonesome Light Photo by Nancy Walters

Fairbanks and the Lonesome Light got their start when two Texas natives found themselves playing in different ensembles in the Austin music scene. When Erik Flores and Amelia Rose Logan closed the circle and decided to work together, both music and romance blossomed and the pair wound up in Los Angeles’ Echo Park neighborhood - an artistically-fertile enclave which is currently the home of a rich and vibrant west coast-style of Americana music. Now based once again in familiar surroundings back in Austin, Flores and Logan have assembled a six-piece band to fully realize their musical vision. Texas flavors and influences abound on their eponymous debut; there are dusty boots, faded jeans, wistful waltzes, at least one snake tattoo, burning Telecaster licks, tequila, and aching and broken-hearted two-part harmonies - all of which is set against an expansive sky. Best of all, Fairbanks and the Lonesome Light’s songs hold up to these tried-and-true topics that make up the best of the earnest-but-blurry line where country music and rock and roll are kissing cousins.

Download "Crow"
"Nothing to Escape"
"Ain't She Cool"
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