Episode 163: Sean Hickey

Air date: 6.29.2016

Sean Hickey Photo by Karen Wise

Classical music composer Sean Hickey grew up like so many musicians of his generation - forming a band with his friends and blasting Van Halen covers to anyone who would listen, but Hickey’s musical calling ran both deeper and wider than the pop and rock music that was en vogue during his formative years. He studied jazz guitar and composition in college and began working for a music publishing house in his native Michigan until he decided that writing world-class music necessitated moving to a world class city. Since taking up residence in New York City, his career as an in-demand composer has flourished, and Hickey now has a steady schedule of performances around the world. He has composed symphonies, concertos, pieces for string trios and quartets, music for a children’s play, a film score, as well as receiving eight consecutive ASCAP awards. In the last two years alone his works have been performed in New York, San Francisco, Detroit, Washington, Russia, Spain, Portugal, England, Ireland, Indonesia and Brazil. In short, Sean Hickey is legit, and he continues to write new compositions as his name has become widely known in classical music circles. And if all this isn’t enough, Hickey moonlights as a published author of travel and adventure pieces and a lecturer on career options for composers.

Download "Cursive"
"Clarinet Concerto - 3rd Movement"
"The Birds of Barclay Street"
Download www.seanhickey.com
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