Episode 168: Peter Himmelman

Air date: 10.5.2016

Peter Himmelman Photo by Jim Hershelder

Singer-songwriter Peter Himmelman has parlayed his successful career in music into a cottage industry. He got his start in the mid-1980s, long before the Internet revolutionized how people make, distribute and listen to music, and he has continued to evolve by constantly finding new ways to tap into the creative well. Himmelman is prolific, but he has been able to maintain a high level of craftsmanship in his songs by balancing quality and quantity, and through his highly improvisatory live performances - at which he has been known to regularly make up new songs on the fly. His impeccable work ethic has been paying dividends for years; he has been nominated for an Emmy, a Grammy and numerous other awards. He has scored music for television and movies and released dozens of songs through his Himmelvaults project. But Himmelman is far from all-business. Along with his diversified creative endeavors he wisely has kept his priorities in check by making the logical sacrifices necessary to maintain a healthy family and home life. When traditional revenue streams began to dry up in the age of streaming and file-sharing, Himmelman’s fortuitous and timely epiphany was to found Big Muse, a consulting company that helps organizations like McDonald’s, the Gap and Banana Republic foster team-building and leadership through creativity. Himmelman’s newest project is a book called Let Me Out, for which the subtitle neatly sums up the intended goal; Unlock Your Creative Mind and Bring Your Ideas to Life. In Let Me Out, Himmelman peels back the curtain to share some of his secrets to help readers get out of their own way when it comes to the creative process. And who better to pen a book on channeling creativity than Peter Himmelman, who has made an avocation out of keeping up his creative output while deftly surfing the changes of life, music and technology.

Download "Waning Moon"
"The Lava Lamp Song"
"Time Just Flew"
"Impermanent Things"
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