Episode 171: Jolenes

Air date: 11.16.2016


Supergroups come in all sizes, at least that’s the convention behind Los Angeles’ Jolenes. The three songwriters that form the heart of the band each have their own outfit; Grant Langston’s stalwart band is called the Supermodels, David Serby fronts The Latest Scam, Dan Janisch has a group that plays under his own name and the fourth member, drummer Dale Daniel, is a veteran of the Los Angeles music scene - and their collective resume features a dozen or more albums and countless shows between them. So what brought these busy guys together and inspired them to add yet another responsibility to their schedules? The answer is friendship and an undying love for country music. The Jolenes’ communal songwriting arrangement allows these three writers and bandleaders to abdicate the responsibility of being the boss by sharing that load with other artists who they call their friends. Rather than simply playing different arrangements of songs from their respective catalogs or leaning on covers, the Jolenes sit in a room - together - with guitars and some beer and hammer out ideas in the round - and it’s this fun, communal approach that is evident in the new songs written specifically for the band. The group’s lineage draws a lot of water right out of the gate in the Los Angeles music scene - further allowing them to largely sidestep the rigmarole of scrapping around to book the good gigs. When asked, the guys in the Jolenes will say that they’re having too much fun to yet think too much about making an album. Once you hear them, you may hope that they change their minds.

Download "Grown-Ass Man"
"45 Miles to the Graveyard"
"Aisle #4"
"Just Stay Gone"