Episode 173: Mad Revival

Air date: 12.14.2016

Mad Revival Photo by Deb Littell

A dictionary definition of the word ‘revival’ goes something like: 'restoration to life, consciousness, vigor, strength, etc.' - and this isn’t too far from the truth when describing the Los Angeles-based band, Mad Revival. The former half of their name is derived from the ethos of their frontman, Australian-born Nic Capelle, whose stage persona is an oddly pleasing blend of a field-hollering bluesman and a sanguine carnival barker. Which leaves the revival half, and its associated images of a kind of traveling tent celebration designed to conjure the spirit. Put them together and you have Mad Revival’s amped up blues, the gospel of which they preach with a willingness to blend genres into an nearly indescribable mashup. Sometimes they sound like Howlin’ Wolf fronting the Beastie Boys, and other times their twin guitar riffing pays homage to Led Zeppelin by way of James Brown. Aside from their originality, it’s Mad Revival’s work ethic that is their greatest asset. They work hard on their music, and the dedication to their craft is palpable at their live shows, where it is almost impossible to not get at least some part of your body moving. Mad Revival has a new EP due in early 2017, and expect to be hearing more about them. Our overly-autotuned, digitized and quantized world needs more bands like Mad Revival - keeping it real by being the real deal.

Download "Jenny With the Big Legs"
"Can't Wait"
"Hard Working Man"
Download www.madrevival.comwww.facebook.com/madrevival
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