Episode 177: Dan Phelps

Air date: 2.22.2017

Dan Phelps

As a youngster, Dan Phelps grew up in the shadow of the music business - quite literally. Phelps’ father was the founder of the Full Sail Recording Workshop, which has since grown into Full Sail University, a technical school that has taught thousands of people how to make a living in the music, film and television industries. With that much gear and talent around, it is no surprise that the younger Phelps took to music at a young age. He started with drums and eventually switched to guitar, developing an avant-garde and experimental style that has been a trademark for his entire career. Phelps has maintained a true artist’s path, lending his talents as a composer, producer, guitarist, audio engineer and performer to a wide range of artists and situations - with the common thread being his collaborators’ willingness to be open-minded in their approach to making music. The last few years have found Phelps diving deeper into his explorations of improvisational composition. His custom-made guitar and laptop-based performance workstation has several unique modifications that allow him to blend electronic music and live recording technology with the full range of expression of the guitar into unique soundscapes that are different every single time. Imagine a one-man electronica jam band that can take you on a musical journey for four minutes, four hours or anywhere in between. Phelps’ foray into live performance technology shows that the seemingly limitless powers of advanced technology can most certainly be used for good.

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