Episode 178: Matt Jaffe & The Distractions

Air date: 3.22.2017

Matt Jaffe & The Distractions

There really isn’t such a thing as precociousness in the music business. One only needs to consider that the Beatles averaged about twenty-two and a half years of age and were already seasoned pros in England when they played their American debut on Ed Sullivan in 1964. Enter California’s Matt Jaffe. Jaffe is young - on the cusp of twenty-two - but he’s talented, motivated and he’s more than willing to put in the work necessary to make a name for himself. Jaffe started on violin at age five and had picked up the guitar and started to write his own songs by the time he was ten. A scant few years later, before he was finished with high school, Jaffe’s repertoire featured no fewer than fifty of his own compositions and he’d already started amassing songwriting and performing awards in his Bay Area home. After graduation, Jaffe flipped coasts and started college at Yale University - but soon found that his true calling lay in music, so he dropped out after three semesters and applied his usual unstoppable focus and drive to a full-time music career. Jaffe’s dedication has begun to pay off, with an EP, a full-length record and national tours already on his resume - along with a regular band he calls The Distractions. And it all makes sense when people see the confident manner in which Jaffe and his band burn up a stage. The truest fans are earned, and Matt Jaffe and The Distractions’ high-energy rock shows bear shades of other acts that are revered both for their smarts and their performance savvy; The Replacements, Elvis Costello and The Clash come to mind. So clap or get out of the way, because there is no stopping Matt Jaffe.

Download "Love Is Just a Drug"
"The Hell Hounds of Alcatraz"
"Something In Your Eyes"
"Fire On the Freeway"
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