Episode 179: Dorian Taj

Air date: 4.5.2017

Dorian Taj

Chicago’s Dorian Taj has indie rock bonafides for which a lot of artists would trade their black Converse hi-tops; he got his start in a hardcore punk band, has worked with Bob Mould, released records on Steve Albini’s imprint over the course of his several-album career and he knows his way around an Econoline, but he’s more than just a pretty face grimacing at a low-slung guitar. Taj also has a way with a song, and he serves up just the right amount of crafty writing to elevate his music above the noisy fray. His vocals are delivered in a Dylan-meets-Westerberg sneer and he has always made the smart play by surrounding himself with solid players. He’s that rare artist that hits all the right career notes seemingly without trying. And all of this would be moot without witnessing the dervish of energy that is a Dorian Taj show. Bands of all styles the world over could learn a thing or two from the manner in which Taj can captivate an audience.

Download "Junk Cloud"
"Come Tomorrow"
"Change Is Slow"
Download www.doriantaj.com
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