Episode 194: Leslie Stevens

Air date: 11.1.2017

Leslie Stevens

Leslie Stevens has one of those voices - it’s a perfectly engaging throwback to Patsy Cline and the golden age of Nashville’s musical matriarchy. It’s the kind of voice that sounds good singing anything, and she’s a natural with a melody. But the thing that keeps people coming back to Stevens is her songwriting. In conversation, when she’s not giving a quick-witted running comedic commentary of the world we all share, Stevens can be almost quiet. Ask her about herself, and her sentences get shorter still. But when the topic of the art and avocation of songwriting comes up, Stevens lights up like a firefly - and for good reason, because behind all that elegant vocal phrasing is a powerhouse songwriter who has been known to teach advanced songwriting classes at Los Angeles College of Music. She’s amassed quite a resume over the last few years, including two albums with the backup band she calls The Badgers, lending her voice to projects with Brian Wilson, Father John Misty and Jonathan Wilson, several placements in television and movies - as well as a new album due in 2018.

Download "My Tears Are Wasted On You"
"The Donkey and the Rose"
"Old Timers"
"Everybody Drinks and Drives In Heaven"
Download www.lesliestevensusa.com
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