Episode 22: Jack Littman

Air date: 8.17.2011

Jack Littman
LA native Jack Littman started off being inspired by classic rock stalwarts like Neil Young, Bob Marley and Roy Orbison. But Littman is also part of the new generation of artists who grew up with ever present hip-hop and alternative styles on the radio. Since looking back wasn't enough, Littman dumped all his influences, old and new, into a blender and set it on "high." The result is a pleasing mish mash of the state of music in 2011. His music uses David Gray's acoustic guitar-over-techno-beats pop as a jumping off point for a ride during which you have no idea where the song will turn next.
Download "Little Pretty Thing"
"Make You Mine"
"Closer to Home"
Download http://www.jacklittman.com/
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