Episode 23: Glen Iris

Air date: 8.24.2011

Glen Iris
The origin of Glen Iris can be traced to the symbiotic relationship between poet and singer Debbie Miller and musician Steve Marr. Miller's carefully penned poems longed for music to inhabit and Marr's songs and melodies lacked lyrics to help them fly. When they met in 2007, they quickly discovered that their combined talents formed a cohesive whole. The duo worked up a pile of songs and played them at any venue that would have them - shaking out the lineup of accompanying players that would eventually become the six-piece band on their self-titled debut album. Glen Iris' sound is an enthusiastic take on modern pop that is replete with singalong melodies and inventive arranging.
Download "Living Innocent"
"Unknown Title"
"Come Back For Me"
"Black and Blue"
"Holy Josephine"
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