Episode 24: Neighborhood Bullys

Air date: 8.31.2011

Neighborhood Bullys
Just like The Dude, out there taking it easy for all of us sinners, The Neighborhood Bullys have taken up the flag of no-BS rock and roll for the good of everyone. In a world of manufactured synth-pop divas, wannabe metalheads and softhearted boys wearing eyeliner, the Bullys' elemental ethos is a breath of fresh air that hits you with gale force. Raw doesn't begin to cover it. The Bullys' ringleader, Davey Meshell, is a veteran of the LA scene - and his approach to music is primal. Meshell holds the careening ensemble together with his rock stance bass playing while singing a Memphis shriek over the top. A pair of untamed guitar players flanks him, belching out solos and riffs made of lightning and broken glass. Behind them all, aptly sitting on a throne, drummer Mike Sessa plays his kit like he's throwing it down a flight of stairs. The whole thing hangs together in a way that makes you understand that the world needs the Neighborhood Bullys - keeping it real. Literally.
Download "Alive"
"I'm Bored, Let's Fight"
"Go Back to Drinking"
"Let Me Be Me"
"Do You Have A Boyfriend?"