Episode 28: The World Record

Air date: 10.19.2011

The World Record
Andy Creighton gets around, and by that we mean that he plays in a number of buzzy LA bands - among them Apex Manor, Big Search and The Parsons Red Heads. Somehow, he still has time to front his own project called The World Record. Stylistically, The World Record resides somewhere in the neighborhood of the king of the garage rockers, The Kinks. But they aren't derivative of any band in particular. Instead they incorporate elements of pop, rock and indie styles into their confident and infectiously catchy songs.
Download "One Knee and Freeway Special"
"A Little More Time"
"Come On Summer"
"Say Sayanara"
"She's Not a Liar and Gonna Leave You IV"
"We're Number One and BONUS"
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