Episode 29: Tony Piscotti

Air date: 10.26.2011

Tony Piscotti
Tony Piscotti is an intricate guitarist and inventive songwriter. Not intricate-bad, as in ponderous or pretentious, but intricate-good, because his catchy and facile compositions draw you in. Not one to just strum a G-chord under his lilting melodies, Piscotti isn't afraid to explore alternate tunings on his acoustic guitar in order to establish a song as truly original. But Piscotti is also a seeker, from his beginnings in a successful college rock band, to his astute and beautiful 2003 solo release, Soapbox Parade, and then pushing his own playing by picking up the electric guitar in earnest and providing harmonic texture and a bit of twang in the Chicago-based band, Northern Magnolia.
Download "Radiator Song"
"Broken Glass"
"Chronological Disorder"
"Magnetic North"