Episode 37: HoneyHoney

Air date: 2.22.2012


HoneyHoney is 4th generation country music. Maybe even 5th or more. Their musical thread goes back to early American rural styles and moves forward through time picking up the best elements of every twist and turn of America's other, twangier indigenous music style until it arrives fully formed in our modern hybridized and decentralized musical universe. At its heart, HoneyHoney is a duo comprised of soulful chanteuse Suzanne Santo and singer/guitarist Ben Jaffe - and their new record, Billy Jack, is the band's 2nd full-length album since their formation in 2008. Sonically, HoneyHoney takes a page from Allison Krauss' pristine bluegrass and scrawls all over it with Santo's smoky alto and Jaffe's gritty guitars and sparse vocal harmonies. The overall effect is what you might imagine Edith Piaf would have sounded like had she been born in an Alabama holler, complete with a moonshine still and ample inspiration for lyrics about the down and out.

Download "Ohio"
"Angel of Death"
"Don't Know How"
"Lost Highway"
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