Episode 39: Alyssa Graham

Air date: 3.14.2012

Alyssa Graham
When jazz-influenced singer Alyssa Graham set out to record her new record, Lock, Stock & Soul, she opted to do something few artists attempt in the age of recording albums on laptops. Rather than build the album track by track by overdubbing, she and her producer assembled a group of talented musicians and put them in a room. Together. At the same time. This live-in-the-studio vibe permeates the record and gives it an authenticity typically found on albums by artists she lists as influences. There are shades of James Taylor, and her idols Neil Young, Nick Drake and Bob Dylan, and collaborations with MeShell Ndegeocello, David Garza and Jesse Harris - the latter of which is best known for penning key tracks on Norah Jones' multi-platinum debut - all of which saves the record from being a mere throwback to Graham's singer/songwriter forebears.
Download "Exploded View"
"River Man"
"Ain't My Kind of Boy"
"Til My Heart Quakes"
"Out On the Weekend"
"Cathedral Pines"
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