Episode 46: Jason Heath & The Greedy Souls

Air date: 5.30.2012

Jason Heath & The Greedy Souls
Twangy rock and roll is a good thing. Twangy rock and roll in ¾ time is a better thing. And Twangy rock and roll in ¾ time with accordions is even better still. Maybe even exquisite. Put all three together and add a bit of swagger and you have the music of Jason Heath and the Greedy Souls. But Heath and his band are not just another whiskey-soaked troupe of rock musicians with a jones for country music. They put their money where their mouth is by doing a lot more than merely singing about the downtrodden - they actually devote their personal time to furthering causes like Los Angeles' Midnight Mission and The Danny Fund - the latter of which was created to raise awareness in the fight against melanoma which took the life of band member Jason Federici's father Danny Federici, the longtime member of Bruce Springsteen's East Street Band, in 2008. With their hearts on their sleeves, their amps on eleven and an earnestness that can only come from genuine empathy, Jason Heath and his band are bona-fide.
Download "Runnin' Like a River"
"Truth Rag"
"Sacred Geometry"
"God's Name In Vain"