Episode 51: John Lafayette Ramey

Air date: 8.8.2012

John Lafayette Ramey
Being a musician means that you sometimes have to work another job to pay the bills. The history of rock music is replete with career balancing acts of one kind of another. Nirvana's Kurt Cobain was a janitor. Van Halen's original front man David Lee Roth was a hospital orderly. Rap empress Queen Latifah worked at Burger King. And then there is Los Angeles' John Lafayette Ramey, a singer and songwriter with a pile of catchy, slightly countrified and self deprecating songs spread over a pair of records. His debut album arrived in 2006 and another is on the way, scheduled for a late summer 2012 release. But Ramey also spends some of his busy days as a sports broadcaster for UCLA baseball and UC Riverside basketball - the kind of jobs that a lot of kids who aren't dreaming about being rock stars dream of having. Sports and music have sometimes made strange bedfellows, but Ramey is equally adept at both disciplines. But who will call the games when Ramey hits it big with his music career?
Download "Beneath a Broken Light Bulb"
"Get it Right Tonight"
"May Flowers"
"Patricia's Rolling Art Show"
"Hands On the Wheel"
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