Episode 53: Brother Sun

Air date: 9.5.2012

Brother Sun
The history of music is full of 'supergroups' - which is when a group of artists who already have established careers decide to band together and form a new group. Sometimes they work - Led Zeppelin was comprised of some of England's top studio musicians from the late 1960s. And sometimes they don't... like the Los Angeles Lakers' talent-overloaded 2003-2004 team that failed to deliver a championship. And then there is the newish folk group Brother Sun, and they qualify as a sort of folk music supergroup. Pat Wictor, Joe Jencks and Greg Greenway already had separate and successful careers in the folk genre. They each toured, recorded albums and made a living in the music business. All three artists knew each other from the folk music circuit, and before long they realized that perhaps they could garner more attention as a band than as solo artists. Doing so meant checking egos at the door and doing what bands do, which is sharing the spoils as well as the hard work of being in a band. By 2012 Brother Sun has already established itself as a folk supergroup of sorts. One look at their calendar will tell you they are booked months in advance. Score one for teamwork.
Download "Everybody's Crying Mercy"
"Lady of the Harbor"
"Love is the Water"
"In the Name of Love"