Episode 55: Mark Lane

Air date: 9.26.2012

Mark Lane

Anyone who has ever tried to write a song or record an album knows the amount of work that goes into getting the seed of an idea from an artist's head, onto tape and into the ears of fans. But the best music happens when all this work sounds effortless and the finished product sounds at once fresh and familiar. Los Angeles' musical fixture Mark Lane's sophomore record, Something New, accomplishes that sonorous dichotomy in spades. Lane is a pop craftsman, and in his music his influences make their appearances known and then duck in and out of his deft arrangements as the whole thing pulls you forward. There may be hints of the Beach Boys, Elvis Costello and Elliott Smith in Lane's songs but the record is aptly named. Something New sounds the way it does because Mark Lane played nearly every instrument in its eleven tracks. Maybe Lane is overachieving, but the result is a slice of pure pop genius.

Download "Matter of Time"
"Little Things"
"Something New"
"The King of Silence"