Episode 58: Grant Langston

Air date: 11.14.2012

Grant Langston
Although it can seem so by people who don't like it, country music is not a singular, boot-and-hat-wearing monolith. When viewed close up, there are as many variations and subgenres in the style as there are diverse artists are who invented them. And although Nashville is the undisputed epicenter for what is commonly known as 'country,' some of the more colorful, eccentric and original characters have always had a hard time fitting into Nashville's rigid confines. Enter Grant Langston. Langston grew up a mere 125 miles south of the Ryman Auditorium in the sleepy, rural, red dirt town of Hartselle, Alabama. But when it came time to move to a place big enough to hold his ambitious dreams in music, Nashville just didn't seem right for his hybridized brand of country that mixes healthy doses of rock, pop and bits of other styles into a cohesive and catchy blend. In Nashville, Langston might be a square peg, but in Los Angeles he fits right into the same diverse and healthy local twang scene where it is OK that Dwight Yoakam eats sushi. Langston has five studio albums and one live album under his belt and we hope he never stops.
Download "Drive"
"Burt Reynolds Movie Brawl"
"I Don't Give A Damn, She Don't Have A Clue"
"Me And Margaret"