Episode 63: Philip Boone

Air date: 12.19.2012

Philip Boone
Once upon a time in late 1960s, a few scruffy musicians decided that country and rock music were two great tastes that tasted great together. And thus was born a new style of music that retained elements of both while staking out some new stylistic territory. Philip Boone is a Southern California-based musician who is richly steeped in this country-rock tradition, but his breezy songs and gentle vocals owe as much to Nick Drake as they do Gram Parsons. The rest of the requisite elements are here: plentiful acoustic guitars, reedy harmonica chords, blissful, utilitarian drums and a piano that's pleasantly and ever so slightly out of tune. www.philipboone.comwww.facebook.com/philipboonewww.twitter.com/philipboone