Episode 64: Lindi Ortega

Air date: 1.9.2013

Lindi Ortega
Although Austin may have laid claim to the title of the "live music capitol of the world," there really is only one town where musicians with a hardcore jones for country music make their pilgrimage. Native Canadian Lindi Ortega had already made a name for herself up north, releasing a pair of EPs and a record that racked up a pair of Juno award nominations when she arrived in Nashville. But once in Guitar Town she hit the red ground running, enlisting fellow Canadian journeyman musician Colin Linden to produce her newest record, "Cigarettes and Truckstops." The result is a set of ten songs that play like Dolly Parton on steroids. There are nods to the female forebears of torch and twang - Emmylou, Loretta, Tammy and Patsy (all the demigoddesses that should be on Music City's Mount Rushmore) but Ortega is also a writer of substance who is not afraid to singlehandedly attempt to pull country music into the 21st century by questioning the authority of Nashville's politically incorrect establishment. Her songs pull no punches, but they are dressed up in enough sequins that the good ol' boys may be too entranced by her voice and charming stage presence to know they're being rendered archaic. And you simply must hear her smoldering take on The Man in Black's "Ring of Fire." If Ortega is the future of country music, we can't wait to see where we're going.
Download "Cigarettes and Truckstops"
"Little Lie"
"I'm On Fire"