Episode 66: The Dustbowl Revival

Air date: 1.23.2013

The Dustbowl Revival
Perhaps the most aptly-named band in music history, The Dustbowl Revival is everything that their clever name implies. It all started as a small string band focused on playing anachronistic music styles that were popular in the early 20th century - pre-bop jazz, swing, jump, blues, gospel, bluegrass and folk. Founder Zach Lupetin took the show on the road on numerous tours up the West coast and as the band's following grew in number so did the band itself. By 2013, The Dustbowl Revival has evolved into a sort of musical collective where any given show might include eight or more performers rambling along on vocals, guitars, drums, mandolin, kazoo, trombone, trumpet, washboard, clarinet, fiddle, pedal steel guitar, harmonica, banjo, accordion, tambourine, euphonium, tuba, upright bass and whatever else might be handy. The result is a musical mashup of anything remotely considered to be 'old-timey' that is at once retro and fresh. But most importantly, it is fun. The performers love making this music and it shows. With a handful of records under their belt and a new one on the way, their audiences continue to grow and tours are going farther afield. The Dustbowl Revival is making a joyful noise here in the future by taking us back to a time in the past when real musicians gathered around a single microphone to play real music for real people.
Download "Early Bird Special"
"Riverboat Queen"
"What You're Doing to Me"
"Soldier's Joy"
"Low Down Blues"