Episode 68: The Show Ponies

Air date: 2.20.2013

The Show Ponies
Some bands have one singer to handle all the lead vocals, and other acts build their sound around a pair of singers who arrange their parts so that they aren't just a lead part and accompanying harmony line. In the latter case, the pair of parts are written to work together as a sort of co-lead vocal. The paired singers in bands like The Indigo Girls and The Jayhawks continue to blend their voices in ways that make a whole that is musically stronger than the sum of its parts. The Los Angeles-based band, The Show Ponies, build their songs around the intertwined vocals of Clayton Chaney and Andi Schrock - and their band is certainly stronger for it. Their bio bills them as "a folk band with bluegrass and old tyme tendencies," - and that's 'tyme' with a 'y.' Their prevalent use of fiddle steers them towards bluegrass but their inclusion of drums pulls them back. Like so many bands of the new millennium, The Show Ponies dump all their influences into a pot and serve up the stew without being overly concerned about what to call what they've made.
Download "We're Not Lost"
"Chopping Wood"
"Whiskey and Wine"
"Bury Me Beneath the Willow Tree"
"Everything I Have Was Given To Me"
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