Episode 69: The Stone Foxes

Air date: 2.27.2013

The Stone Foxes
One of the most important aspects of music is a catchy chorus - the singalong nugget of a tune that gets into your head and you just can't get it out. But there is another element in some harder rock songs that is just as important. It's called a riff, and riffs form the cornerstone of many of rock and roll's best-known tunes. Led Zeppelin may not have invented the riff as they are commonly known but they perfected and trafficked in them in a manner that launched the careers of innumerable disciples. The San Francisco-based band, The Stone Foxes, also build their songs around cocksure bluesy riffs, but they add a bit of 21st century cross pollinization to their brand of rock and roll. Guitars chug along bathed in spring reverb, Green Bullet harmonica yelps out of cranked small tube amps, foot stomps and handclaps keep time and choruses shouted in unison give the audiences something to sing along with. They've just released a new album in February of 2013 and they're bringing their message to the people with a string of national tour dates.
Download "Cotto"
"Jump In The Water"
"Ulysses Jones"