Episode 7: Mason aka Jason Taylorson

Air date: 4.14.2011

Mason aka Jason Taylorson
Mason is a man of many talents. Aside from being an artist, musician and music producer, he made a name for himself by building a music scene centered around the Taix 321 Lounge, located within the Taix French Restaurant in Echo Park. Mason built this scene the only way an honest working guy from Chicago could… by building it from the ground up. As building blocks he used top-notch bands from the growing East Los Angeles area. He made unlikely bedfellows of artists playing rock, electronic, experimental, jazz, folk, Americana, country, rockabilly, garage, alternative, and indie rock genres. Until his departure in 2010, Taix was a place where a discerning music fan could waltz in, pay no cover, take a seat at the bar and catch a high quality, buzzworthy band nearly any night of the week.
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