Episode 71: Nocona

Air date: 3.20.2013

Alt-country pioneers Uncle Tupelo might not have been the first band to find the common ground between punk and country music, but the little band from Belleville, Illinois grafted loud guitars onto up-tempo two-steps and fired a shot heard round the world for a lot of young songwriters. In that same raw, but rural tradition, the Los Angeles-based band, Nocona, would be right at home on Chicago's Bloodshot records - a label that many insurgent country bands have called home for nearly 20 years. Nocona might be new to the scene, but their lineage can be traced back to a pair of other Southern California bands that share a Jones for both George Jones and Minor Threat - Paladino and Old Californio. The new group got its start when guitarist and vocalist Chris Isom found himself with a handful of new songs while Paladino took a break after a year of touring. The result is a new band with a brand new record that eschews the broken hearted, tear-in-my-beer aspects of honky-tonk and instead pours considerable energy into ramped up tempos that share as much with Black Flag as they do The Man in Black.
Download "Hated"
"Whites of Your Eyes"
"Train Song"
"Beverly Hills Blues"
"Prehensile Soul & It's Just"
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