Episode 75: Record Store Day - Part I, Lance Barresi of Permanent Records

Air date: 4.17.2013

Record Store Day - Part I, Lance Barresi of Permanent Records
Six years ago, a dedicated group of vinyl aficionados and independent record store owners got together and launched an event called 'Record Store Day' - just about the time that corporate record stores were going bankrupt. Heavy metal juggernaut, Metallica, was one of the first bands to get on board, signing autographs and giving away t-shirts to 500 fans at a Bay Area record store for the event in 2008. By 2013, Record Store Day - celebrated annually on the third Saturday in April - has exploded into an international event celebrated at thousands of independent music retailers worldwide. Here in Los Angeles' Eagle Rock neighborhood, Permanent Records co-owners Lance Barresi and Liz Tooley run the sister store to their Chicago-based flagship used record store of the same name. Like many independent record stores, Permanent Records' Record Store Day events will feature in-store performances, meet and greets with artists, and a place where music fans can hang out and talk about their favorite bands and buy exclusive releases. Artists ranging from neighborhood garage bands to industry heavyweights like Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen issue special releases for the event every year. I spoke with Barresi about how Permanent Records will celebrate RSD on April 20th, 2013, what the event has done for indie record stores and how some hardcore vinyl devotees line up as many as four hours before the store opens on Record Store Day.
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