Episode 76: Record Store Day - Part II, Michael Kurtz, co-founder of Record Store Day

Air date: 4.24.2013

Record Store Day - Part II, Michael Kurtz, co-founder of Record Store Day
Great ideas start small. One man. One problem. One idea. Six years ago the music business was in a freefall. Corporate record stores were going out of business seemingly daily and independent record stores were struggling to keep their doors open. And then a small group of record aficionados and independent record store owners got together and hatched a great idea. A day designed to foment interest in record stores by connecting bands and fans in their common love of music. A day intended to stir the coals of interest in the archaic but uber-cool vinyl record format. A day to celebrate all that is cool about independent record stores. A day called Record Store Day. It started small - a handful of stores and several exclusive releases. By 2013, Record Store Day is celebrated annually on the third Saturday in April and it features hundreds of exclusive releases by artists large and small in thousands of record stores worldwide. Michael Kurtz was one of those co-founders of Record Store Day and part of that great idea was his. He watched the retail music business dying and he didn?t like what he saw. So the seeds were sown, and then they grew, and now, on Record Store Day 2013, music fans around the world can drop into their neighborhood record store on a Saturday in April, catch a rocking in-store performance by a great band, pick up a stack of vinyl records and celebrate all that is right with the world.
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