Episode 77: Tim Reid, Jr.

Air date: 5.8.2013

Tim Reid, Jr.
Artists reveal their influences in myriad ways. Ask any performer or writer about their music and they'll invariably point you toward who got them excited about making their own music. When Eric Clapton was receiving deifying graffiti accolades around London in the 1960s, he was unabashed about paying tribute to the blues masters from whom he copped his licks. Garage bands are no different, and "three chords and the truth" is pretty familiar territory for amped up teenagers looking for a channel for their existential angst. But when your influences are off the jazz variety, simply aping them is a far more complicated proposition, and such is the case with Tim Reid, Jr. A quick spin of his new, sophomore album, Not Much Else to Do, will smack you upside the head with Reid's unfailing devotion to the unquestioned progenitor of 1970s jazz/funk/geek-rock, Donald Fagen and Steely Dan. But this is no easy feat. Dipping your toes into these hallowed and pitch-perfect waters means that you had damn well better have your chops in order - in writing, arranging, recording and performing this complicated music. Reid moves confidently in this universe and all the elements are in place. So, tune in, turn down and jazz it up.
Download "Back To You"
"Not Much Else To Do"
"No Matter How Hard"
"Find Love"
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