Episode 78: Ben Reddell

Air date: 5.15.2013

Ben Reddell
The music business has come full circle when it comes to releasing music on singles vs. albums. The Brill Building artists plugged songs one at a time, and for decades, it was singles that drove the industry. And then the 70s singer-songwriters and prog rock bands came along, and that meant that albums were meant to be enjoyed as a whole, with each track telling a small part of a bigger story. But there was always a stepchild of this either/or format - the EP. EP stands for 'extended play' and these releases are usually comprised of 4-5 songs - longer than a single but shorter than a full-length album. Artists and labels make them for various reasons - for live tracks, to bridge a long gap between albums - and always to keep an artist fresh in the public's mind. The dominance of Internet downloading in today's music retail environment has brought singles back to the forefront as consumers cherry pick albums for the tracks the like best. But the EP is making a comeback as well. Putting together a handful of songs is a simpler proposition for independent artists than making a whole record, and that same logic prompted Los Angeles' Ben Reddell to issue his debut as an EP. It has what any album should; great songs, good sounds and solid performances. Reddell's music is steeped in the good stuff of 70s rock and roll, and we're already looking forward to what a full-length record from him will sound like.
Download "Single Engine"
"Four Leaf Clovers"
"Between Love and the Blues"
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